San Diego Comic-Con falls to zombie apocalypse

The Walking Dead Escape San Diego California Comic Con

Do you love zombies? Enjoy watching or reading The Walking Dead? If the answer is yes, then San Diego, California is the place you want to be when Comic-Con rolls into town this year because Skybound and Walking Dead writer-creator Robert Kirkman are joining forces for The Walking Dead Escape to celebrate the 100th issue of the Image/Skybound Comic series that inspired the AMC hit show that made zombies cool.

For only $70, you can join the fight for survival that will take place on July 12th through July 14th. You can take part by becoming a survivor, an undead walker, or just kick back on the sidelines as a spectator and watch the madness unfold around you. If running really isn’t your thing, the website points out that The Walking Dead Escape isn’t a race and nobody is timed but moving slow really isn’t the best strategy to use when an undead army is hungry for your brain.

Registration started today so head over to to join the apocalypse. I really, really, really, wish we were going to be in the area at that time because this sounds all kinds of awesome.

Oh yeah, all survivors will get a Walking Dead #100 Variant that’s exclusive for The Walking Dead Escape. As if testing your survival skills for the approaching zombie apocalypse wasn’t reward enough.

Will you be running?

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