The Gang’s All Here: Guest Post by Jess Haines

Stalking the Others by Jess Haines

Jess Haines, author of the upcoming Stalking the Others, has stopped by to visit while touring the web on her Stalking the Others Blog Tour, and she made sure she wouldn’t get lonely because she brought plenty of friends with her. Considering that her entourage includes a vampire, a werewolf, and a mage, along with an actual human (waves to Sara), we don’t want to keep her waiting too long so I’ll go ahead and turn things over to her.

Hello there!  Jess Haines here.  I’m the author of the urban fantasy H&W Investigations series (HUNTED BY THE OTHERS, TAKEN BY THE OTHERS, DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS,  and the upcoming STALKING THE OTHERS).

Normally I’d have Shiarra kick things off and tell you what’s up, but… erm… she’s been a bit busy since the last book.  Instead, some of her friends are going to take the lead.  Take it away, guys!


Chaz:  It’s not my fault she’s not here. Stop looking at me like that.

Arnold: Actually, I think it’s mostly your fault she’s not here.

Sara:  Make that definitely, completely, and utterly your fault.  Ass.

Royce:  My, my.  Harsh words.

Sara:  You know he deserves it.

Chaz:  Oh, come on!

Royce:  I suppose.

Chaz:  What, you’re taking the human’s side, now?

Arnold:  She might be human, but she’s got more heart than you do, bro. You might want to back off and cool it for a while.

Chaz:  No way. I need to find her.

Royce:  You’d better hope you don’t get to her before I do.  Don’t forget, she took those hunting tools with her, dog.

Chaz:  What’s it to you?

Royce:  If I find her before you do, I’ll ensure she doesn’t do something regrettable.

Sara:  Yo, vampire. She’s her own person. She can make her own decisions.

Royce:  Yes, because her actions thus far have shown such wisdom and maturity. If you don’t mind, Ms. Halloway, I’d rather avoid having yet another incident involving Others doing damage to private citizens splashed across the evening news.

Chaz:  She won’t hurt me.

Arnold:  Um. Dude. Did you see her that night? She was pretty ticked.

Sara: She’s not crazy. She won’t do anything too stupid. I hope.

Royce: She’s more likely to hurt herself than anyone else, I suppose. Though my sources tell me she’s made some contact with the local chapter of White Hats.

Sara:  Oh, no way!

Arnold:  That’s all kinds of bad. Man, Chaz, what were you thinking?

Chaz:  Back off, spark. That’s none of your business.

Royce:  But it became mine the minute you sent her on a suicide mission. She’s my property, dog, and don’t you forget it.

Chaz: Yeah? How about you and me take this outside and “discuss” this with our fists?

Sara:  Stop it! You’re not going to solve anything with violence.

Arnold:  Don’t give in to hate. That leads to the Dark Side.

Chaz:  Shut it, four-eyes.

Arnold:  What are you going to do to stop me? Growl at me? Bare your teeth? Raise your hackles? Oooh, I’m so scared.

Royce:  I don’t suggest taunting the werewolf. Even magi are not immune to their claws or teeth.

Arnold:  Yeah, but I’d like to see him try to bite me when I’ve turned him into—

Sara:  Honey.

Arnold:  What?

Sara:  We’ve talked about this.

Arnold:  Yeah, yeah.  No baiting the big bads.  I know.

Chaz:  You know what? You people can sit here and fight with each other all you want.  I’m out of here.

Royce:  You won’t find her before I do.

Chaz:  Is that a threat?

Royce:  A simple statement of fact.

Sara:  I’m not sure I really want to know, but… how?

Arnold:  No, babe. You don’t want to know.  It involves vamp mojo.

Sara:  Yeah, but she’s not here for him to be all mojo-y on her.  It doesn’t work that way—does it?

Royce:  Ms. Waynest has tasted my blood.

Sara: Ew. All kinds of ew.

Arnold: Toldja.

Sara:  Still, maybe I’m just being naïve, but what’s that got to do with anything?

Royce:  When vampires share their blood, it creates a link. While it fades over time, we still share a connection far deeper than anything the wolf ever had with her.

Chaz:  Watch it, you walking corpse.  You touch her and I’ll tear you apart.

Royce:  I’d very much like to see you try.

Sara:  Okay.  You boys play nice.  I’m going to go yack in the corner.  ‘Scuse me.

Arnold:  Aw, babe. It’s not that bad.

Sara:  I don’t know how she stands it.

Chaz:  Neither do I.

Royce:  I do.

Everyone Else:  …

Royce:  I’ll find her.  Make no mistake.  And I’ll put an end to this foolishness.  Permanently.


You can learn more about Shiarra and the rest of her friends in HUNTED BY THE OTHERS.  For the next stop on the blog tour, be sure to visit the official STALKING THE OTHERS blog tour calendar!

You can also visit me on the web:

Thanks again for having me and the gang over, Marty!

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  • Tracey D  says:

    I love these character “interviews.” Though, this wasn’t an interview, it gave me a glimpse of the characters. I look forward in reading this series.

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