Interview and Giveaway with Jess Haines, author of Stalking the Others

Stalking the Others by Jess HainesJess Haines, the author of Stalking the Others, stopped by to answer a few questions that fans of both Jess and the Others might find interesting, and there’s also a chance for you to win a copy of Stalking the Others, and I know you don’t want to miss that.

I know the blog tour has Jess running around like crazy right now, so let’s go ahead and pick her brain a little bit.

1. Stalking the Others is the fourth book in the H&W Investigations series. Has your writing style changed as the series progresses?

I would say my style has remained the same, for the most part. Perhaps cleaner, more honed and to the point, but the “flavor” of the series has remained the same.

2. Do you consider yourself a Pantser or Plotter? Has Shiarra and her friends ended up where you originally planned when you were writing the first book or have they thrown any curve balls your way?

I’m a total pantser. All pants, all the time. While my editor demands a synopsis for books I haven’t written yet, they are usually written very loosely to give me enough wiggle room to write whatever I have in mind for my stories. I’m sure that would give John conniptions to hear, but it’s true.

While I have made a few changes in the order of events for my idea for Shiarra’s overall story arc, I’m not a fan of planning everything to death. Some of the funniest scenes and lines I’ve come up with in the series were written off the cuff. Not everything turned out exactly the way I expected, but I have a strong enough sense of where I’m taking things to know that I’ve got everything under control.

3. Hunted by the Others, Taken by the Others, Deceived by the Others, Stalking the Others. The series is easy to spot because of the similarity in all the titles. Does including “the Others” make the process of titling your book easier or harder?

Both, I suppose. In some ways, it’s better, because it means I have a clear idea of what boundaries I have to stay within to keep the titles instantly recognizable. People know it’s one of my books right away.

On the other hand, it’s not always easy to come up with a clever, eye-catching verb that sets the tone for an entire novel. My publisher also has the final say about the title, so sometimes I have to come up with half a dozen or more to run by my editor before we stick with one. For example, the first book, HUNTED BY THE OTHERS was originally DEALING WITH THE OTHERS. Doesn’t quite have the same ring, eh?

4. There are some interesting revelations in STO. Can you share anything about what the future might hold for Shiarra, Chaz, Jack, and Isaac, the vampire slaying belt?

I’ll address each of these as best I can. I don’t want to spoil things for those who haven’t read STALKING THE OTHERS just yet.

In the next book (tentatively titled FORSAKEN BY THE OTHERS), Shia and Sara are headed to California. Zombies and slew of new vampires, ahoy! Just a head’s up for any Devon fans in the audience—he’ll be making an appearance as well.

Chaz has made a number of errors, and they’re about to catch up with him. You won’t see much of that right away, but I promise those who are waiting for it that he’s definitely getting what’s coming to him.

As for Jack and Isaac, I think I would be getting just a tad too spoilery if I shared what’s coming with those two. I’ve got some surprises in store, but because of how events are going to play out in books five and six in the series, it will be a little time before they’re revealed.

5. Aside from the next book chronicling Shiarra’s adventures, do you have any others series’ or standalone books in the works?

I do! I’m currently shopping around for a home for a paranormal romance that is set in the H&W-verse, but features two characters who haven’t gotten much page time in the series. Since this hasn’t sold yet, I don’t want to say too much more about it, but we’ll see what happens with it. For those familiar with the characters, the story features Mouse, the mute vampiress, and Christoph, the dude in the fetish collar who shows up briefly in DECEIVED and again in STALKING THE OTHERS.

6. Where can readers find out more about you?

Anyone so inclined can visit me on the web:

Thanks again for having me, Marty!

Great to have you here, Jess :)

You can check out our earlier chat with Shiarra, Royce, and a few of her other friends here, and then hit the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win Stalking the Others, and I’d like to give a big thanks to Kensington for hosting this giveaway during the Stalking the Others Blog Tour.

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  • Maegan Morin  says:

    I would love to win because this is exactly my kind of book! I would love to read this series it has been on my list for a LONG time. Thanks for the interview!

  • Maghon Thomas  says:

    I want to win this book because not only is Jess fantastic, but I think her last book gave me the most violent, outraged reaction I’ve ever had in a book. I was screaming, and threw the book, and it was crazy. Therefore, I NEED the next book to calm my crazy self over the ending LOL and plus, if you get me that good, I should be buying everything she touches LOL :)

  • Suz Reads  says:

    I would love to win this book because Jess is such a cool heroine – kicking butt and keeping the world safe!!

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