Dark Knowledge by Keith Pyeatt

With knowledge comes a dark destiny…

A whole new world beckons inside the mind of mentally challenged Welsey Henson, a world that offers him a gift he can’t resist: knowledge. He carries these bits of knowledge back to the physical world, unaware of the dark instincts that come with them. The knowledge builds Wesley’s intellect, giving him abilities he’s never had before—to know the world around him, to heal…but these new instincts thrust him into an evil contest he can’t understand, much less win, against opponents who are trained to kill.

The more Wesley understands, the harder it becomes to tell good from evil, and the more difficult his choices become. What must he sacrifice to save the world from his dark knowledge…his life, or his soul?

Dark Knowledge is the captivating and thrilling tale of a young boy, Wesley, that has been placed in an institution by his mother. Wesley’s situation improves due to the help of Bobby, but Bobby fears all of their hard work will be undone by Wesley’s mother. There is more to the situation than Bobby knows…Wesley lives between two worlds.

Pyeatt has created an intense tale of horror that is one of the most gripping reads I’ve read this year. From the very first page, you are thrust into a story that has you begging for more. I really enjoyed being immersed into two very interesting worlds. Pyeatt has definitely created a twisted scenery that keeps you captivated. The good vs evil quality of the story really keeps you on your toes throughout the novel. There is so much more to the story than the good vs evil aspect; it is layered with emotion too.

Dark Knowledge has so much to offer readers. I highly recommend diving into Dark Knowledge if you’re looking for an entertaining read that is as dark as it is brilliant.

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4 comments to Dark Knowledge by Keith Pyeatt

  • Keith Pyeatt  says:

    Thank you for reading and reviewing Dark Knowledge. The review sure puts a big smile on my face.

  • Fictitious Musings  says:

    Thanks Keith! It’s a fantastic read. I look forward to reading more of your novels.

  • Catherine Cavendish  says:

    Great review. I loved Dark Knowledge and thoroughly recommend it to all horror fans

  • joylene  says:

    Outstanding review. I had the good fortune of reading this book when it was still a manuscript, and I thought it was fabulous then. The characters are so compelling, I can still remember Wesley’s battles of good over evil. Very intense. Mr. Pyeatt has what it takes to be the next Stephen King. Look out horror readers.

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